Why do you have to fire employees?


Evgenii Nelepko
2 min readJul 17, 2023

A few years ago, I started an ambitious business with a co-founder to build an expensive change management consulting business in the former USSR countries market. That experience taught me incredible insights, though it didn’t last long.

The problem came from where I was not expected. We didn’t have mature relationships with a co-founder. Therefore, I can confidently say that all the topics “Where can I find a technical or non-technical co-founder” — nonsense. If you don’t have such a person already, you don’t need them. Better you go to work in a tech company where you will develop strong relationships with your colleagues to start a business together in a few years.

However, today’s topic is another story.

I decided to hire super-talented people into the company so that their qualities would compensate for the lack of experience, and the method was already given a strict default. The concept worked +-, but a 100% match is hard to find. It quickly became apparent that one person needed to fit our ambitions and demands.

This is where an exciting dilemma arose. The person was valuable and skillful enough to help us with current tasks. They were an accommodating person. Do you know this feeling of comfort in relationships? Not everything suits you, and there is no future, but it is so comfortable now. So why change anything? That’s how it was.

It’s worth changing immediately, even though it’s painful. We waited a couple of months, which is not critical, but other employees managed to notice. When you declare one thing, and at the same time, everyone sees an exception to the rule, the scheme doesn’t fly.

On the flip side, the employee is also a plus. Instead of passive aggression, boredom, and “quiet quitting,” the person gets a sober conversation and a chance to move on and find themselves.

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