What are you selling?

Have you ever read books about America in the twenties and thirties XX? I read them in high school, and they made an incredible impression on me. I was especially struck by the fact that hotels in America didn’t sell a room, they sold a dream! I didn’t know about #jtbd at that time and even the businessmen of that period had no idea about this concept, but they were already actively using it.

When my consulting career began, I also constantly encountered the question in the headline. In studying business cases, it turned out that Boeing and Airbus were not selling airplanes, but the cost of carrying one passenger per 100 miles of travel. Loans help airlines buy airplanes of any value, the question is the timing and cost of operation.

Fitness club like World Gym International doesn’t sell access to exercise equipment and workouts, they sell a sense of belonging to the sport and a beautiful body. It is important not to go very often, but also not very infrequently. Enough to recharge the drive of sports, but not enough to lose weight.
Fitness studios Rumble by Andy Stenzler and apps Strava by Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath are now actively pushing out fitness clubs. What difference does it make who pays a subscription not to do a workout?

What are Instacart and DoorDash selling? In my opinion, absolutely not products, but the opportunity to be lazy. That is, you both keep the laziness and get the products. So the main torment for fast grocery is to strike a balance between assortment and delivery time. In India, for example, the customer promise is already 10 minutes! Such figures are only possible in conditions of high population density and small apartments.

So what are you selling?

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