Too Much Change at a Time

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The Change Management framework tells us that if you have too many changes planned or encountered, it is necessary not to do everything at once and to reduce the degree of entropy.

What does it mean in practice? I was in a situation where I had big changes in my business and in my life at the same time. On top of that I had problems with my finances overseas because everything was blocked. It was just impossible to endure that level of uncertainty and manage it all.

That’s why it’s better to make one change at a time. If you have a stable long-term job, you can move. If your job isn’t stable, it’s better to stabilize it locally first.

Another thing is that the window of opportunity to get out of the country in the mid-term can close completely. If you’re thinking of leaving, in this situation you can’t avoid a lot of changes in a short period of time. So it’s best to move in short sprints.

First, settle the accommodation issue for the first couple of months, open bank accounts and buy local SIM cards. Then save money through crypto, for example (if you haven’t already done so before). Then look for a long-term place to live and take care of legal entities. That’s my process in Georgia, in other countries the priority of steps may be different.

In the pandemic, many people were stressed about not being in control of the situation. The main advice of the psychologists was that it is important to increase the number of things you can control. That’s why you shouldn’t eat out too often, and it’s best to continue to cook at home, ideally on a schedule. Establish a routine for bedtime, watching the media, reading a book, and even sex. Adjust the pace of your life and don’t make your brain think about a bunch of things at once.



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