There are No such Words as “Much” or “Little”

Evgenii Nelepko
1 min readApr 20, 2023

👨🏼‍💻 One of the fundamental principles of work, which overwhelms all the newcomers, is database discussion, or it can be formulated as a figures-first approach.

🔖 We forbid in the company the words “much,” “little,” “often,” “rarely,” “strong,” “weak,” “good,” and “bad.”

⁉️ What cohort? What conversion? What retention on it in the n-order? What segment? What is the retention on day 30? What is CAC? What is the ARPU? What ARPPU?

🤓 It’s incredibly infuriating initially; seeing so many nerds asking these questions every time is impossible.

📈 So we have numbers unloaded in everyone’s head, which come from reports and dashboards prepared by the analytics team. As a reminder, we’re actively looking for people there.

🗓️ We have many reports; I look at some hourly, some in the morning, and fascinating ones from the week’s sprints.

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