The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Startup Founder

Recently Elizaveta Osetinskaya published the interview with Igor Magazinik. The talk is cool, but my post isn’t about it. It’s about a small question that flashed at the end of their conversation. What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a startup founder?

The first google link turns up a nice Forbes article by Abdo Riani. “An entrepreneur wants to be their own boss. A startup founder wants to take over the world.” is the central thesis of the material. Here is the article.

I would also add that the founders are less selfish by nature. They can share their pain and future profit with others. This is their DNA. After all, a startup is not only about the ability to focus. It’s also about the ability to build contact with co-founders, clients, and investors.

Entrepreneurs have their own troubles. I have built a consulting business. I thought that it was a startup. Revenue growth forecast and my self-confidence have forced me to think so. But the wishlist and illusions are not identical to reality. I haven’t wanted to change the world. I just wanted to harness a part of this world.

An entrepreneur does not have an idea to take over the world. It’s caused troubles with the corporate culture. It still needs to be created in a company. A separate stream of work is obtained from this. The corporate culture stems from the mission of the project in a startup. It’s easier to scale, in my opinion.



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Evgenii Nelepko

Evgenii Nelepko

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