I am not an Expert in Crypto, but..

Diving into the topic of blockchain, crypto, DAO etc. it was pretty easy to feel dumb. Basically, I still barely understand anything except that THIS IS OTHER THAN WEB 2.0!!! But seriously, here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

1. MVP doesn’t work here. Well, either you make a normal contract, where everything works, almost no one can hack you etc. Otherwise you’re fucked, a scammer and a fool. I don’t see any nuances in this field yet.

Simply, if the essence of the product is that it has some special features in the form of a contract, then you can’t do without a demonstration of their reliable operation.

2. No country for old product men. From the first point it follows that if the main thing here is essentially technical things, then the products are not particularly necessary. On the other hand, those who build a community, conduct PR and marketing activities are worth their weight in gold. The main problem with the whole blockchain is mass adoption. Both on the part of professionals and users. That’s why in the next decade product managers will have to become a little bit influencers and community managers.

3. So far, web3 resembles dot-com companies. A countless number of projects have added value based on pain points and needs, not just deep tech. I think this is a plus because there’s still a big field open for experiments until a golden formula for B2B SaaS type monetization is developed.

What would you add?



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Evgenii Nelepko

Evgenii Nelepko

CEO/ BD at Startups | Advisor for Founders. Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelepko/