How to Talk to Users?

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It’s funny that in Russia it’s all called “cusdev” and “customer discovery,” although in the English-speaking world I’ve rarely seen such a clear name. There they just say “talk to users”/ “talk to clients”.

I’ve had some experience talking to users in relation to dating. I was conducting cusdev through other dating apps. Since I had already gone quite deeply into the subject and I was looking for specific information, I did not feel much of a difference between Russia and the U.S. in terms of building the process. However, there were certain nuances in the perception of questions and answers.

I came to the conclusion that it’s better to ask people open questions in a written form first. It helps to adjust the questions and understand the most common answers. Do this exercise 100 times (for B2C product), then load it in your head with scripts and you can start talking.

There are endless examples and videos on how to organize the process, you can google it without me. If you have any questions how to apply them to your product, then contact me on twitter or LinkedIn.



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