How to Prioritize Your Time

Actions are a startup’s greatest resource.
Actions per day is the main metric.
Not just any actions, but the effective ones.
Effective actions lead to / increase the value for your client.
The value for your client is in direct proportion to the amount of money they’re willing to pay you.

So you can forget about all the pretty icons in the pitch deck like Product Hunt product of the day. Come on, if you understand that this result is achieved by non-targeted actions for a startup, then investors and peers can understand it even better.

It’s tough: the customer funnel and the revenue. The funnel is evaluated from the end.

Already agonizing for weeks/months with an overseas market? It’s time for us to talk. Drop me a line. We’re pumping up teams on getting into English-speaking markets. My partner is on the language side, me is on the business side. Believe me, it has been proven hundreds of times that just translating your landing page into English does not work.



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