How to Pitch Your Startup?

I will be posting some videos from YC Startup School and sharing my thoughts on the subject.
In general, if you watch all the videos in this series + read a couple more articles by Paul Graham, you won’t need to dig any deeper into methodologies and theoretical experience.

Quite a few parameters in the startup business are simply impossible to calculate. As Yuri Milner told, the only way to spot potentially brilliant founders at an early stage is to look at their mindset. The broader the outlook of the founders and the more curious they are, the better their chances of success.
An additional parameter from Nick Davidov’s point of view is the entrepreneurial experience of the founder. The chance of creating a successful project increases with each new startup. Venture capitalists often mention the third and beyond as the game changer point.

So how do you pitch a startup? Just go ahead and pitch. A new perspective of understanding the process will open up in 10–20 pitches. The point, it seems to me, is simple — sell a teaser project in 30 seconds. During this time the investor should have a FOMO. This can be achieved by different methods in each case and may even depend on the mood of an investor.
For example, large American funds like to invite direct competitors to pitch sessions and arrange a “gang bang” for a founder.
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