How industries change

Music, Drugs and Grocery

First, you had to break through to a producer or a major label to become a popular artist.

Then the world was taken over by streaming services, or rather by one if we’re talking about music. The secret to success became the ability to get on playlists on the platform and beat out the terms of the fees.

Now all the top hits of the year come from TikTok.

The series “Breaking Bad” and “Narcos” showed the underside of the drug business to the general public. There, too significant changes have taken place over the last 40 years.

First, the drug traffic in the U.S. was controlled by the Colombians as producers. Then the Mexicans took over because they managed all the logistics, including the last mile.

In the end, synthetic drugs, which could be produced in “dark kitchens” in the neighborhoods, won out altogether. Large logistical chains were no longer needed.

There were slow changes in this industry but significant ones. The trade looked about the same always. Then in the 19th century the French invented department stores, and in the 20th century supermarkets came along. Then there was a pause for almost 100 years before e-commerce.

E-grocery is not the leader in e-commerce adoption, and Amazon and Alibaba have shown through their examples that the trade of utilitarian goods is best carried out online. These are items that are easy to compare with each other through a screen, and customers don’t feel much emotion for them; they buy for a specific function in their household.

In e-groceries, bananas, baby products, and large water bottles are the frontrunners. These are all utilitarian goods in many ways.
If a person likes pomegranates or tomatoes, they’ll pick ones from a vendor they know.

What exciting changes have you noticed in the industry?

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