E-Grocery Startup Series E52 S22 & E01 S23

Build in Public

✅ We managed to redistribute the demand from the last weekend of December to the penultimate weekend. Only one day on December 30th was under peak demand, which is nice.

✅ We calculated the results of offline customer engagement and got a CAC of about $1. We will roll out this practice more actively, always wanted to go through the experience of large-scale offline actions. In dating, for example, it’s a must-have.

✅ We’ve fixed the goals for S23. What do you think are the main metrics? Hint, NOT the number of orders or even the average check.

❌ There was a significant drop in full orders in the New Year and post-New Year period, which affected the quality of service and retention of customers. It’s a limitation of the current business model: we are still working in “picking in store” model. I cannot indefinitely mitigate the effects of this with free shipping, so very much looking forward to the launch of the darkstore soon.

❌ There are a few local victories in content management, but we are moving slower than planned. There’s a substantial technical and intellectual debt. We will accelerate. I’ll show you soon how we take photos and what standards we use 🙂

🗓️ We have an extreme cold wave this week, with temperatures dropping to -20C. We’re averaging +5C to +10C during the day in winter, so it’s a serious stress test for the service.

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