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Future of a theatre

Evgenii Nelepko
2 min readNov 8, 2022


Recently I was lucky enough to attend a performance ‘discrete figures’ by Japanese production group Elevenplay, Canadian choreographer Kyle McDonald, and the creative group Rhizomatiks. It was amazing! An amazing synthesis of art and technology.

A fantastic performance that involved AI and AR. Artificial Intelligence was used to create a sequence of actors’ movements and synchronize them with each other. And augmented reality allowed to push the limits of what is possible. The audience felt as if they were in a cyberpunk looking-glass.

My dream is to create a theater in the meta-universe and produce a couple of plays with active use of AR and XR. So that the audience would sit in the theater while wearing augmented reality glasses or even be able to attend a fantastic performance without leaving their home. But with complete immersion in the atmosphere and maintaining artistic integrity.

So what cool cases are there where technology and art are combined?

Netflix’s spectacular German mini-series “The Billion Dollar Code”. It’s about how a group of art enthusiasts created a proto-version of Google Earth. There’re a lot of exciting details. I was especially struck by the sculptor’s long and painstaking work in inventing a remote control for the system.

I am also impressed by the CultTech accelerator mission and its projects. For example, Wail is an organic platform for live events worldwide. A solution for social engagement around events, a marketplace (tickets), event discovery, and SAAS for event organisers or promoters.

What interesting startups do you know that actively use the synthesis of art and technology?

Or maybe you’re a funder of such a project? Let’s jump in with a brief zoom call! Share in the comments.

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