Are networking apps more promising than dating apps?

I’ve already given two pitches at pitch sessions this week, and it’s still only the middle of the week! I’ll post more about it later.

It’s important to note that nearly half of the investors, experts, and advisors I’ve talked to about the Hola! dating app recommend that I pivot into a networking app. The B2B market is easier to understand for investors, it’s more promising and predictable for founders, and easy to calculate. The B2C market seems like a game of roulette. Too many factors have to coincide for success.

However, there are a few factors that stop me from turning to B2C before testing the hypothesis:
1. Networking and networking for business is not a hormonal surge. People can easily go out to find passion and love. What about networking? Doubtful. I understand that use cases will vary, but I trust nature more.
2. The current dating experience on apps like Tinder is broken. I’ve become very aware of this by talking to people. Tinder was the “great equalizer”, now it looks like a “punisher”.
3. I’ve been working in B2B service and sales for 10 years. I’m getting a little tired of the subject matter. It’s better to monetize the skill I’ve pumped up.
Speaking of networking apps, I really like the The Breakfast App. They made it cool. This app was created by female founders. That’s especially exciting.



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